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Burglar Alarms in St. John’s for Added Peace of Mind

McGruer Agencies Ltd doesn’t offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Each location we visit has its own unique set of challenges, and every customer has a different set of needs. We work with residential customers to create security plans that will suit your purpose and budget. Rather than simply hooking up a burglar alarm, our team in St. John’s will evaluate your property to assess any and all potential threats. Each system we install is different, and a variety of factors come into play when considering each. For example, what is the exposure like on your home? What type of item are you most concerned about losing (tools, sporting equipment, recreational vehicles)? Do you already have a safe on site for jewelry and other precious items?

Home Protection Services

Regardless of what you own, your comfort and safety is always our top priority! From the moment we consult with you, McGruer Agencies wants to be your go-to source for all types of security solutions. Our residential services include:

Monitoring systems
Installations in houses, condo buildings, garages, access control elevators
Medical 2-way communication
Fire-specific monitors
Loss and prevention expertise
Key fobs
And more

House lock

We also provide free initial consults and monthly payment terms. 

Do you also have security concerns about your place of business? Contact us today for advice.

Emergency help

Stay Alert

Be the first to know when trouble strikes! We offer solutions in St. John’s for residential and commercial customers alike.

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